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Expand your leadership capacity and achieve your highest impact as a faith-based leader wherever you are—in business, in church, or in a non-profit organization.


Leadership Assessment

Discover your Leadership DNA

What We Offer

Leadership Coaching

Personal, customized coaching provides strategic conversations and resources to help you maximize your impact

Strategic Consulting

Let’s tackle a specific tangible area of your business or ministry and provide clarity and focus on next steps and actions.

Ministry Leadership Track

Maximize your kingdom impact through specialized coaching for pastors and ministry leaders.

Team Leadership Training

Raise the leadership level of your team and build a plan for ongoing growth through a dynamic training event.

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Are you experiencing a season of change or challenge?
Let us partner with you towards progress and peace, joy and results.

Leading Stronger Skills Assessment

Take our Leadership Assessment and chart a course for your growth as a leader.
It contains 50 questions and takes about 8 minutes to complete.
This assessment was created for leaders of faith-based nonprofits and ministries. However, every leader can benefit and is welcome to use the assessment for their growth.

  • Measures Tactical Skills
  • Provides Tangible Insights
  • Creates Actionable Growth Plan
  • Provides 10-page Insights Report
  • Available at no charge during launch phase

Leadership Assessment

Access Code: leadingstronger23

Leadership Coaching

This journey offers a customized coaching experience based on your specific leadership development goals. You’ll focus on both self-leadership and team effectiveness as you work with an experienced coach to achieve growth and success.

What makes Leading Stronger coaching unique?

  • You & your coach will create your Custom Leadership Development Plan together
  • We integrate assessments to improve self-awareness & world-class resources to help you raise your leadership influence
  • You drive the primary agenda for each coaching session based on your goals & needs
  • We will help you create a plan to overcome your biggest challenges
  • We are a whole-hearted advocate FOR you & your growth
  • Christ-centered foundation & perspective

    What does this really look like?

    Our most common package is a 6-month engagement that propels people forward in their leadership growth.

    • 12 Strategic Coaching Sessions (typically 2 per month)
    • Action Plans after each session
    • World-class content, targeted resources, and exercises
    • An experienced Coach who is wholeheartedly FOR YOU
    • A Clear path toward increased confidence, courage, and joy

    Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, working as for the Lord, and not for men.

    — Colossians 3:23

    About Greg Ligon

    Mission: Helping mission-driven leaders and teams accelerate their leadership impact through strategic consulting and coaching. Transforming leaders by turning complexity and chaos into focus and forward progress.

    Greg Ligon is the founder and CEO of Leading Stronger. Greg has a passion to see leaders, their teams and their organizations thrive through strategic planning and foundational leadership growth. Greg has over 30 years’ experience serving as a successful leader in both church and business. He served and led churches from 300 to 30,000 people in attendance. He has created leadership development training for churches, nonprofits and other companies including Chick-Fil-A.

    His love for connecting people combined with his strategic leadership skills create a unique passion around helping people and organizations grow. Greg’s Strengths Finder Profile includes Maximizer, Responsibility, Belief, Positivity, Learner.

    Greg has a bachelor’s degree in business from Baylor University and a master’s Degree from Southwestern Seminary. Greg enjoys playing tennis and golf as well as reading and writing about leadership. Greg and his wife have two children in college and live in New Braunfels, TX where his wife serves as a camp director at T Bar M Camps.

    About Our Team

    Greg Ligon

    Greg has over 30 years’ experience serving as a successful leader in both church and business.  In addition to Greg’s extensive leadership experience, he has received over 140 hours of training in leadership coaching from ICF approved organizations. Greg served as the executive director and lead coach for SOLIDpastors where he provided leadership coaching for pastors across the country along with the team of coaches he recruited.

    Greg is known for his engaging style, his passion for others and his profound commitment to his client’s success and growth.

    Dr. Jeff Holmes

    Jeff Holmes has more than 24 years’ experience in executive-level ministry positions, including 12+ years in executive pastor and lead pastor roles across the state of California. Jeff provides senior executive coaching to CEO’s, pastors, and ministry leaders. A dedicated coach for over 30 years, he has worked with top leaders during times of crisis and helped numerous young high potential leaders move from graduation to placement in high-level leadership roles across the US. He has also raised tens of millions of dollars for faith-based nonprofits and charities.

    Jeff holds Doctor of Theology and Master of Theology degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary and a BA in psychology with a minor in macroeconomics from the University of Texas at Austin. He is also Gottman certified for counseling and an accomplished parenting counselor. Jeff has been married to his gifted interior designer wife, Marci, for 29 years, has a son in college, and is a dedicated athlete in his free time

    Dr. Russ Rainey

    Russ Rainey is a Board-Certified Coach and Ordained Pastor whose mission is to serve pastors and Christian leaders who want to enhance their own personal leadership and spiritual impact on others. For over 30 years, Dr. Rainey has served five large churches in the areas of Counseling, Recovery and Discipleship.

    Russ is passionate about helping people get unstuck and grow so they can make a greater impact in their home, their team and their organization. Russ and his family live in Raleigh, North Carolina where he and his wife enjoy family, grandkids, mountains and the beach.

    Nobility is not being better than your fellow man, but being better than your former self.

    — Ernest Hemingway


    In my first 9 months of being a Lead Pastor, I don’t know what I would have done without Greg coaching me along the way!

    Greg has encouraged me, challenged me to think of the bigger picture with a higher perspective, offered sound wisdom and advice on small and large decisions and processes, provided appropriate and pertinent resources when needed, and assured me over and again that God has and is using me in powerful ways! This coaching relationship has helped me navigate around many potential potholes and has accelerated my leadership growth, potential, and passion for what God is calling me to.


    Senior Pastor, California

    The personalized approach to my coaching experience was incredibly meaningful to me. Rather than a cookie-cutter program, Greg tailored our sessions to my unique circumstances and needs.

    This individualized approach made all the difference in my coaching experience. I felt seen and heard, and I was able to address specific challenges and goals that were important to me. With Greg’s guidance, I gained a deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, as well as strategies for building on my strengths and overcoming obstacles.


    Groups Pastor, Texas

    There is a difference in my confidence and passion in leading our church that wasn’t there just over a year ago, when I first started meeting with Greg. It has been noticed by my wife and church leadership.

    When looking at our budget last year as a board everyone unanimously agreed that I keep meeting with Greg because they knew it was worth it, and they felt the change and direction I was taking has made a big impact.


    Senior Pastor, California

    The most meaningful aspect of my experience with Leading Stronger was the specific, personal attention I got from Greg. When we began, I was anything but clear about everything.

    Through Greg’s patient attention to what God was doing in me and River City, Greg helped me discover the path. Greg didn’t show up with an agenda for me to a program to run me through; he showed up with a concern for me and the ministry where God has placed me.


    Senior Pastor, Texas

    Stepping into this new senior pastor role, coaching has been invaluable in helping me lead more effectively and accomplish my goals. Having someone outside of my environment who I can speak to confidentially and process the challenges on my plate has been incredibly meaningful.

    If you are leading in any capacity, having a coach is a HUGE asset! Greg Ligon at Leading Stronger is an incredible coach who truly cares about where God is leading you! If you have any interest, reach out to them, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me!


    Senior Pastor, New York

    I have been so blessed by Greg the way he invested in me. Greg helped me clarify my goals and establish a concrete plan to accomplish them. Greg excelled in simultaneously encouraging and challenging me.

    While he has a deep well of ministry experience to draw on, he always challenged me to critically think through the issues we were discussing and did not provide “easy answers.” He was invaluable in pushing me to grow as a pastor and a leader.


    Senior Pastor, Texas

    Interested in learning more? Want to book a 30 minute free coaching session? Let’s set up a time to talk leadership and how you can go from where you are today to leading stronger.